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Grateful Ministries is looking to renovate and manage the Kosrae State Gymnasium, Track, and Ballfield, turning the facilities into a Sports Complex/Community Center (“CC”) for the State of Kosrae. Our hope is that the activities will benefit Kosrae by improving the health of the people, providing wholesome and educational outlets for youth, and promoting a culture of positive community for the entire island. In addition, the facilities will provide particular benefits to Kosrae High School by being the primary location for KHS sports and other group functions.

Some examples of how the renovated facilities will be utilized are:


Kosrae High School

Intramural sports: basketball, baseball, volleyball, track/field, tennis, ping-pong, weightlifting, wrestling, other team and individual sports—practice and games

Large gatherings: Graduation, Assemblies, School contests

Teen – aside from KHS sports, we can operate leagues for the same sports for teenagers from all municipalities

Young Adult

Seasons of team sports played on Saturdays, with practices during the week


Team sports leagues for men and women, with available practice times during week/weekends and scheduled games on weeknights

Scheduled Zumba/exercise classes for women

“Open gym” for pickup basketball, other sports

All sports could be age-designated, so there could be additional leagues for older players (who can’t play like they used to but still want to play), based on demand

Other Activities

Health Promotion

Classes on diet/healthy living
Coach-led exercise classes
Use of track/property for walking/jogging
Scheduled clinics for blood/blood pressure testing

Supplemental Activities

Farmers Market – on Saturdays when there are other activities taking place at the CC, we would designate a portion of the facilities to allow people to bring items they have grown/caught/made to sell to other people there.
Restaurant – we would most likely set up a restaurant (owned by a local business owner) at the site that would be available during all activities
“Food trucks”—we could allow island restaurants and other food-preparers to sell their food during major activities.

Movie Nights

Movie nights – set up the gym as a “theater,” with a screen and decent sound system.
Family movie nights – movies appropriate for the entire family
Teen movie nights – movies targeted specifically to teens (although adults would be welcome)
“Performance” nights – Variety shows and drama productions for children, teens, and adults to perform
Choir concerts/contests – youth, teen, and adult singing groups
“Kosraeans Got Talent” contests – individual and group

If you are interested in donating to Grateful Ministries please visit our Donations page or if you want to know more contact us.