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Prayer Requests

We will use this page to update you on some

prayer requests that Grateful Ministry will have in its time here in the FSM and Hawaii.

The date has been chosen

An exciting update for the Hadik family. Tickets have been purchased for the 12th of August. This move has been years in the planning and we are so excited to make it back home. Those who are going are Josh, Andrea and their 2 girls, and Sepe and Sonja Hadik will be with them. Josh and Andrea made the trek from Pennsylvania to Hawaii on the 6th of June with a quick stop in Alaska for a wedding before making their way to Hawaii. Thank you to everyone who has kept them in their prayers and supported them financially for their trip to Hawaii.
For more information about their journey, and to keep up to date, please email or to be added to a mailing list. You can also follow their journey on social media through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. (social media handles to search: Joshua Hadik or Andrea Hadik on Facebook, HadiksHeadedtoKosrae on Instagram and TikTok).

Pray for the Hadik Family

Josh, Andrea, Kamea, and Saoirse are all planning to move to the island of Kosrae, one of the 4 states of the Federated States of Micronesia, in June of 2024. They have been praying, talking, and seeking support for the past few years as God has laid it on their hearts to move to Kosrae to support the island and lay some groundwork for Grateful Ministries. Josh grew up on the island of Kosrae and has always called it home. Returning with him will be his wife Andrea and two daughters. The move will be a new and exciting venture, but be in prayer that they all can get adjusted to island life and present the gospel through their family, and through the ministries that they will be a part of.

Rogue Wave hits North Pacific

January 22, 2024 a storm surge swept through the North Pacific hitting the Marshall Islands, notably Roi-Namur, then continued through hitting a few islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. Around 20,000 or more people were affected by this storm system, and many people living on the coast of Kosrae had to evacuate to higher ground. El Ninos, or storm surges like this can have very serious effects not only on the crops grown on the islands but also on the fresh water lenses that can provide drinking water. Be in prayer that those affected will be able to recoup what they have lost and pray that steps will be taken to help prevent a catastrophe like this from happening again.