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Donations to Kosrae

July 15th update:

Grateful Ministries is now renting a 10×18 storage container in town and we are filling it up with donations. We’ve received word from our hospital in Kosrae that they need a lot of resources and equipment. Below is a list of items we would like to collect to bring with us to Kosrae for both the hospital and our Women’s Empowerment Center:

Medical: Sheets, pillows and cases, basic medicines (Tylenol, cough medicine, etc…) scales, wheelchairs, walkers. We have received several wheelchairs and walkers and are grateful for those who donated. Later this week we are also getting a donation of hospital beds.

Kitchen Items: Mixers, blenders, measuring cups, cookware, utensils, rice cookers, grain mills

Sewing Items: Sewing machines, shears, thimbles, needles, seam rippers.

All these donations we know will be helpful both for the hospital and women who want to grow their craft and create businesses to better their way of living. Once again, thank you to all who have already donated. This ministry would not be as effective without partnering with those who care for our islands and want to help improve the livelihoods of the Micronesian people. If you are wanting to update financially, go to our Donations Page.

June 25th Update:

We have had some exciting developments for Grateful Ministries. The Hadiks have a date set for the 12th of August to fly out to Kosrae. This trip will get the ball rolling on a few initiatives while establishing the ministry on the island of Kosrae. Grateful Ministries was also awarded a shipping container to the island of Kosrae that they are working on filling with donations. So far Grateful has received donations of food and medical equipment. We hope to receive cooking and sewing equipment, as well, so that the Women’s Empowerment Center can be started shortly after arriving in Kosrae. If you know of anyone willing to donate the equipment we seek please get a hold of us through our website’s Contact Us page, or email us at

If you would rather give financially you can visit us at our Donations page to give financially. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your giving is tax-exempt. Thank you for all that have already given and we hope to continue growing our network of friends.